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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Adobe Audition CC 2019

Adobe Audition CC 2019 12.1.3 Multilingual | macOS | 631 MB

Adobe Audition CC. A professional audio workstation. Create, mix and design sound effects with the industry's best digital audio editing software. Audition CC is a comprehensive toolset that includes multitracks, waveforms and spectral displays for creating, mixing, editing, and relaxation of audio content. This powerful audio workstation is designed to speed up video production workflows and audio finishing - and provide a polished mix with pristine sound.

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or 64 bit later


                               For      Download

Friday, August 30, 2019

Iwork 09 with Serial number for Mac free download

for old Mac OS User os 10.9.5



                                              iWork 09       Download

Swift Publisher for Mac

Swift Publisher 5.5 Multilingual macOS | 371 MB

Swift Publisher is a page layout and desktop publishing app for Mac. This software provides you with the need to create effective desktop publishing content, such as travelers, brochures, catalogs, magazines, booklets, newspapers, calendars, posters, menus, cards, Facebook and Twitter covers, advertising banners and many more.
Commercially designed templates
Swift Publisher for Mac has over 300 pre-designed templates for various document types. You will find two-fold and tri-fold brochures, catalogs, facing pages, social media and many other templates.
Touch bar is supported.
Swift Publisher takes full advantage of macOS Sierra capabilities.
Creates industry-standard barcodes including QR codes, UPC, EAN, and more.
The size of the document can be set in different measurement units: inches, millimeters, centimeters, digits, picks, and pixels.
Google Maps can be integrated into your brochure or flyer.
Professional graphic tools
Over 300 professionally designed templates (flyers, letterheads, brochures, newspapers, catalogs, etc.) for various types of documents.
2,000+ clipart images (40,000+ clipart images with extras).
Integration with Deposit Integration - an online store of over 60 million vector and raster images.
Over 100 unique masks, as well as the ability to use a custom image as a mask.
Integration with Photos, iPhoto and Aperture.
Insert images in many supported formats - PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF, EPS and more.
Apply macOS core image filter to your images.
Control over tint, tile, crop, transparency and rotate images.
Smart shapes with controllable behavior.
Option to fill smart shapes with pictures and create creative frames for your photos.
Draw free hand shapes using the spline tool.
Linear and radial gradient fills.
Powerful text editing
Add text using the text box, vertical or circle text tool.
Flow the text from column to column or any other page.
Link / unlink an existing text box or create a link text box of the same size on the next page.
Control transparency, rotate and fill text blocks with colors.
Flexible control over text blocks to change spacing and size.
Apply unique styles to text and paragraphs.
Control line and character spacing as well as paragraph indentation.
Create a text list with different types of tablets.
Tables support (cells can contain text and graphics).
Use check spelling to avoid misunderstanding.
Collection of artistic 2D and 3D heading presets.
Art lesson 3 integration (art lesson 3 purchase required).
100 additional fonts (extra pack only).
Powerful publishing tool
Spread view mode lets you view and edit two pages on one sheet.
Support for multi-page documents with the ability to view each page at a different angle.
Take advantage of wrapping text around objects.
The page thumbnail panel allows you to preview and easily manage pages.
The master page option allows you to create a common background for multiple pages (used for page numbering, heading, background picture, etc.).
The Text to Curve feature lets you convert fonts to vector lines - an option that is often required when submitting documents for a printshot for professional printing.
Add as many layers as you want and choose to make them invisible or non-printable.
Adjustable layout guides are used for precise object placement.
Set the exact navigation position by entering a value.
The New Document dialog allows you to set properties when creating a new document: page size, spread view, number of pages, measurements, and margins.
Create a custom grid by setting vertical and horizontal cell spacing.
Smart guides that automatically appear to help objects align in relation to each other.
Group objects with the opportunity to resize and rotate them as an object.
The booklet printing (impose) option in the print dialog automatically organizes brochure pages.
Dynamic data fields allow the insertion of contact details or data from a text file for batch printing of invitations, ruffle tickets, etc.
Calendar editor to create a personal calendar.
Working with results
Export your work to PNG, TIFF, JPEG, EPS and PDF.
Store all your work in an iCloud drive and easily access your documents on any Mac computer.
Share your publications on Facebook and Twitter or send them via email.
Easily find a document by your content using Spotlight.
Requirements: Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.10 or later
Home page -

                                             For download Swift Publisher     Download


Thursday, August 29, 2019

IExplorer for Mac

iExplorer 4.3.7 | macOS | 30 mb



iExplorer 4.3.7 is an iPhone browser for Mac that lets you view files on your iOS device. Using the drag and drop interface, you can quickly copy files and folders between your Mac and iPhone or iTouch. It works with both jailbreak and non-jailbroken iPhones and works quickly with a standard USB cable.


Transfer music, playlists, movies and computers from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a computer.

Transfer Music from iPhone, iPad and iPod to iTunes
Keep your metadata, ratings and more
Copy Playlists from iPhone to iTunes
Recover iTunes Library from iPhone, iPad, or iPod
Auto TransferAutomatically transfer your iTunes library
Find track in itunesdet track already in itunes
Detect duplicate
PlaylistsRebuild Rebuild Playlists
Export messages, contacts and voicemail from iPhone.

Export Text Messages and SMS to Computer
Multiple export options
Save iPhone Voicemails
Export iPhone Address Book Contact
Copy voice memo
Disc mode and file browsing for your iPhone and iPad + iTunes backup access.

Disc Mode for iPhone, iPad, or iPod
Browse itunes backup
iPhone and iPod photo access
File manager app integration
Export notes, calendar events, and call history from iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Access iphone notes from computer
Export iPhone Call History
Safari History and Bookmark
Export iPhone Calendar Event


• All the best technology from phone to Mac, phone disk, and iExplorer 3, and then some

• One-click recovery of music and video directly on iTunes

• Explore and export photos and videos (even from older iPods)

• Mount any folder or category, including playlists and photo albums, then browse in Finder and open it with other applications

• Browse any iTunes backup (also encrypted). Export: Messages (including attachments), notes, voicemail, call history, contacts, calendar ...

• Works with all types of iPhones, iPads, iPod touch and regular iPods


Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Adobe InDesign CC 2019

         Adobe InDesign CC 2019 14.0.3 Multilingual | macOS | 903mb

Adobe InDesign CC 2019 - A program for professional creation and editing of content, is closely linked with Adobe InDesign CC 2018 to improve the interaction of design teams and editors. Adobe InCopy CC 2019 is ideal for large projects where many people work on text and graphic design.

Adobe InDesign CC 2019 is part of the Creative Cloud. Therefore, all the latest updates are available to its users, and access to the new versions is available from the moment of their release. Improve your skills and master new tools with a large and constantly updated collection of training videos. Thanks to integration with Behance, you can share your projects with other users and get instant feedback on your work from designers around the world.

Benefits of Adobe InDesign CC 2019:
- Footnotes for multiple columns
- Open type correction
- Updated interface
- Simplified work with glyphs
- Placements in image tables
- Simple addition of shading to the text; Includes offset management tools and more
- Place the gun tool to add a frame to the table
- New search command in opposite direction
- Preserving key combinations and settings when upgrading to the latest version
- Improvements in footnotes for text transfer
- Color swatch folder for better sample management
- Editing tables by dragging and dropping
- Support for displaying high resolution objects and retina displays in Windows
- Adobe Typekit Integration
- Typekit font synchronization
- Font Search Customization
- Simplified new hyperlinking
- Page interview during editing
- Better flashing
- "Save to cloud" command, which allows you to work with files on any device
- List of recently used fonts

Compatibility: Mac OS 10.12 or later 64 bit




Tuesday, August 27, 2019

PhotoScape X pro 3.0.2

Photoscape X Pro 3.0.2 | 169.4 MB

All-in-one: photo editor, batch editor, viewer, collage, animated GIF, film effect, light leak, miniature effect, filter, brush, sticker, pattern, frame, shape, border and more.
PhotoScape X is a fun and easy photo editor that enables you to fix and enhance photos.
key features
Editor: rotate, straighten, resize, crop, border, color adjustment, color temperature, tint, film effect, light leak, auto level, auto contrast, backlight correction, bloom, HDR, dowry, vignetting, sharpening, blur, white balance, Curves, Levels, Color Balance, Hue / Saturation, Cypia, Scale, Black and White, Negative, Text Object, Image Object, Magnifying Object, Paint Brush, Effect Brush, Mosaic Brush, Spot Healing Brush, Mixer Brush, Red Eye Correction, Liquifies, clone stamp.
Batch: Batch edit multiple photos.
Viewer: Photo Browser, Full Screen Viewer, Batch Name, Batch Size, Change Batch Format, Rotate Lossless, Share (Email, Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr), Exif Viewer.
Share: Sharing on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr.
Full Screen: View your photos in full-screen view or as a slide show.
Collage: Combine multiple photos onto a collage frame to create a final photo.
Combine: Attach multiple photos vertically or horizontally to create a final photo.
GIF Creator: Create animated GIFs.
Print: Print Photos.
Screen Capture: Capture your screenshot and save it.
Color Picker: Zoom on the pictures, search and choose a color.
Rename: Rename photo file in batch mode
what's new:
Version 3.0:
'Auto Color' Filter
'Unrealistic' filter
26 blurred texture
210 face and 60 ball stickers
Margin option to print tab
Zoom (real pixel) option for priority
Loop view and full screen fit and fill option
Color balance, point color, replacement color and cut out
Raw support
Permission issue on Mojave (macOS 10.14)

Monday, August 26, 2019

Apple MainStage for Mac Free download


Apple Mainstage 3.4.2 MAS | Mac os x | 1.24 GB.

With MainStage 3 you can take your Mac to the stage with a full-screen interface that is optimized for live performance, controls hardware high flexibility, and a plethora of modules and compatible sound with Logic Pro X Is the collection.
Last team to perform live
• Work with live touch-in with over 80 modules of instruments, effects and MIDI or audio units.
• Add sound from Garageband and Logic Pro X to work with studio sound.
• Combine instrument and live sound such as vocals and keyboards in a single patch.
• Pass a patch without interrupting the sound or cutting out continuous notes.
• Design keyboard patch layered and sliced, and other MIDI arpeggiator modules.
• Proceed with multitrack stereo with compatible tracks or playback
• 64-bit architecture uses all of the system's RAM to use large sample devices
Control hardware
• Connect and play with your favorite team and control module.
• Use USB and MIDI controllers such as keyboards, drum pads and paddles.
• Set up a variety of hardware in seconds with automatic device recognition.
• Quickly assign knobs, buttons and faders hardware for screen control.
• Handle with sophisticated tool overview "Assignments and Associations".
Designed for the stage
• Imagine everything you need during a performance with only customizable direct screen.
• Screen controls correspond to each patch using smart controls.
• Smart controls provide dynamic display controls that change with each patch.
• View the screen Mac remotely through a high-contrast view full screen.
Instrument module
Thanks to the drum kit designer, customizable touch batteries, sampler and professional mixes.
• Touch models of vintage B3, vintage electric piano and faithful old keyboard with vintage clavs.
• Get your inspiration with a collection of synthesizers that provide analog synthesis, wavetable, FM, additive, granule, spectral and modeling.
• Create your own with the Ultimate Synthesizer Alchemy to quickly find or deal with samples.
• Touch or create a wide variety of high quality devices with EXS24 devices.
• Turn on your favorite hardware sync sampled with new Auto Sampler Module Instruments.
Midi module
• Immediately change a chord on a great performance with the argerator.
• Play the same note to trigger the predefined wire cord trigger.
• Interpret a piece and adjust the notes to transpose on a specific scale.
Effects of production and creativity
• Touch sounds through realistic acoustic locations with Acoustic Space Designer.
• Stereo delay effect, use multistage or old tape.
• Get the right mix with many similar, dynamic processors and other devices.
Guitar and bass
• Create your own guitar or bass with Amp Designer using microphones, boxes and classic and modern amplifiers.
• Design a custom pedalboard from a collection of effects pedal delay, distortion and modulation.
• Access a full screen tuner to quickly tune your instrument.
Sound library
• More than 1800 instrument and effect patches
• More than 750 meticulous sampling devices
• 4600 Apple Loops and the Electronic Gene of Modern Urban

Microsoft Office 2019 16. 28 For Mac

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac 16.28 VL Multilingual | 1.5 GB

Microsoft Office 2019 is designed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest Mac features including retina display, full screen view support and even scroll bounce. It is the perfect combination of the office you know and believe in, and the Mac you love.

Create and share professional-looking documents with state-of-the-art editing, review and sharing tools. The new Design tab provides quick access to features, and Smart Lookup displays relevant information from the web directly within Word.
Analyze and visualize your data with your favorite keyboard shortcuts in a new and intuitive way with a new user interface. Use features such as analytics toolpacks, slickers, and formula builders to save time, so you can focus on insights.
power point
Create, collaborate and present your ideas effectively with new slide transitions and an improved animation task pane. Threaded comments along with your slides help you incorporate feedback into your presentations. And the Presenter View displays the current slide, next slide, speaker notes, and a timer on your Mac, presenting only the presentation to your audience on the big screen.
one note
This is your own digital notebook, so that you can keep notes, ideas, web pages, photos, even audio and video all in one place. Whether you are at home, in the office, or on the move, wherever you go, you can take it with you to share and collaborate with others. This is great for school assignments, work projects, travel plans, party planning, and more.
Easily manage your email, calendar, contacts and tasks. Push email support keeps your inbox up to date, looks at messages related to conversation groups, and calendars can be viewed side-by-side for planning.
System Requirements:
• Mac computer with Intel processor
• Mac OS X version 10.10
• 1 GB RAM is recommended
• 5,62 GB free hard disk space
• Hard disk formatting such as HFS + (also known as Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus)
• A monitor with 1280 × 800 resolution or higher
• Recommended Safari 7

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Easy Mp 3 Converter For Mac


Easy MP3 Converter Pro 2.9.0 | 50.19 MB

Easy MP3 Converter Pro is a professional music converter software, it can convert all popular music formats to MP3 format. It also supports audio separate from video and converts to MP3. This version supports MIDI to MP3 and M4A conversion. It is very simple, does not require professional skills, like other audio formats, drag MIDI files into the program, click to convert it to MP3 or M4A format.
key features:

Supported audio formats: wma, mp3, mp2, wav, ogg, ac3, flac, aiff, m4a, mka, ape.
Supported video formats: wmv, asf, xwmv, xwma, avi, mpeg, mpg, rm, rmvb, mp4,3gp, 3G2, mov, qt, mts, mkv, ts, flv, f4v.
Support for constant bitrate encoding
Support for variable bitrate encoding
High conversion efficiency, conversion 8 minutes of music can be done in only 10 seconds
Easy to use, just drag and drop will be able to complete the operation
Automatically convert metadata to id3tag
Support batch conversion
Note: DRM does not support encrypted files.
Top In-App Purchases: Full Version - Included
Compatibility: OS X 10.10.5 or later 64-bit
Web site:

Sound Studio Pro 4.9.1 For Mac


Sound Studio 4.9.1 | 18.33 MB

Sound Studio lets you easily record and professionally edit audio on your Mac. Easily rip vinyl and digitize cassette tapes, or record lectures and voice memos. Prepare for a live show with live effect processing and level tweaking, then record it with performance recording capabilities.
Any audio project completed easily
Comprehensive compatibility. Record your work as an MP3 or AAC M4A file. Edit and export audio in multiple formats including AIFF and WAV.
Creative effect. Many effects, such as delay, reverb, chorus, or flanger filters, then layer levels or EQ settings.
Multi track support. Record live audio with multiple tracks of studio-added sounds.
what's new:
Version 4.9.0:
MP3-Savings (with CBR and VBR options) is now included in Sound Studio
A bug where mp3 files must be trimmed when saved
A bug where changes to the high pass and low pass filter settings will not affect the live preview
memory leaks

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later 64 bit

Friday, August 23, 2019

MovieMator Video Editor Pro 2.6.4

MovieMeter Video Editor Pro 2.6.4 MAS | macOS | 127 MB

With a streamlined design and professional editing features, MovieMaker Video Editor Pro easily edits any type of video and audio clip in its native format to create great family movies and high quality photo slide shows at the speed of thought is.
In addition to providing basic editing features such as trimming, cropping, splitting, rotating, and more, it specifically brings advanced editing functionalities such as video overlay (PIP), stabilization, etc., 40+ built-in fixed filter effects and perfect for With support. Keyframe technology, MovieMeter Video Editor Pro creates a variety of eye-catching animation effects.

MovieMatter Video Editor Pro provides unlimited video and audio tracks for editing large projects. In addition, it fully supports all media formats such as 4K UltraHD, H.265, MP3, OGG, JPG, SVG, etc. and is optimized for decoding of various formats, which significantly improved decoding speed and quality Have done

Create stunning animation effects with keyframe animation technology
• Text animation: display different text at different times of the clip.
• Rotate animation: Set different rotation angles of video clips at different times.
• Wave animation: shows different ripple effects at different times of the clip.
• Stabilization animation: The clips show different stabilization effects at different times.
• Gradually brightness, saturation, contrast, white balance and other effects.
• Download the software now to experience more animation effects.

Easily Edit Video / Audio / Image
• Unlimited video tracks and audio tracks help users to handle all projects.
• Basic editing features: merging, splitting, rotating, cropping, trimming, and more.
• Seamlessly assemble clips and adjust them frame by frame in the timeline.
• Easily separate audio tracks from a video file.
• Create colorful slideshows with photos, music and fades.

Create Personalized Home Movies With Creativity
• 40+ fixed filter effects: blur, old film, sharpen, static, vignette, white balance…
• Create stunning animation effects with keyframe animation techniques.
• Play multiple videos at the same time with picture-in-picture effects.
• Freeze your volatile action camera footage in one click.
• Create fast / slow-motion videos by adjusting the speed of the game as you like.
• Support volume adjustment and various audio filters to create perfect sound effects.
• Set fade in / out time for video and audio with freedom.
• Enhance your movie by adding personal subtitles and shiny changes.
• 20+ luminous changes: fractures, iris circles, clock tops, cuts, bar verticals…

Fully support any type of media files
• Import all videos / photos shot by iPhone 6s, GoPro, camcorder or other devices.
• Support videos / pictures downloaded from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and more sites.
• Support videos with voiceover that have been recorded by any screen recording software.
• Support all popular video / audio / image formats: MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MKV, MPG, RMVB, M4V, 3GP, FLV, TS, M4V, VOB, F4V, MP3, WAV, MKA, OGG, FLAC , AAC, JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, SVG…
• Basically work with a wide range of formats including Prores, RED, XAVC, AVCHD, H.264 DSLR and more.

Extremely comfortable and friendly interactive operation
• MovieMeter's interface is intuitive and the real-time preview feature ensures that you get what you see.
• Arrange and trim all elements in time by dragging and dropping.
• Easy-to-use cut, copy and paste operations.
• Hide, mute and lock video / audio tracks with one click.

Powerful project protection and video output capability
• Incredibly fast export of HD video in 200+ media formats for playback on all devices.
• Optimize output parameters such as resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, encoding and etc.
• Save the file as a project for direct editing next time.
When the window closes unexpectedly, the project saves the project.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Rhino 6 For Mac

Rhinoceros 6.16 | macOS | 391 mb

Rhinoceros 6.16 - Versatile 3D Modeler. Rhinoceros can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate, and translate NURBS * curves, surfaces, and solids, point clouds, and polygon tables. There is no limit to complexity, degree or size beyond your hardware.
Special features include:
Desolate-free forms are found in 3-D modeling tools such as products that cost only 20 to 50 times more. Any shape you can imagine.
Accuracy is required to design, prototype, engineer, analyze and manufacture anything from an airplane to jewelry.
Compatibility with all your other design, drafting, CAM, engineering, analysis, rendering, animation and illustration software.
Read and repair meshes and extremely challenging IGES files.
Accessible. So easy to learn and use that you can focus on design and visualization without getting distracted by the software.
Fast, even on a simple laptop computer. No special hardware is needed.
Inexpensive. Simple hardware. Short learning curve. Cheap Purchase Price. No maintenance fees.

Compatibility: 64-bit macOS 10.13 or later

Luxion Keyshot 7 .0.456 pro for Mac

                                                 Luxion Keyshot Pro 7.0.456
                                                        Size: 505.64 MB
KeyShot 7 focuses on bringing more ways to build with the new KeyShot Configurator, Studio and real-time VR support. Users have more physical possibilities with new content types and texture mapping, multi-content and enhanced procedurality. With more light control, KeyShot 7 now has a new integrated HDRI editor with environmental lists, HDR output, and interactive Sun & Sky.
Users now have UI, workspace and hotkey customization with greater flexibility. And new workflow capabilities provide more real-time speed, including an entirely new sampling method, re-taslation, adaptive display mode, eight new render passes and rendering, making animations and interactive visuals faster than ever Has the potential of
With KeyShot used in all industries by 3D professionals around the world, KeyShot 7 builds on its key differentiators to deliver real-time speed and an easy to use interface with the most accurate materials and advanced lighting capabilities Which gives users. Results faster than any software available. Keyshot provides extensive support for the most popular 3D file formats and extends software integration that designers, engineers, marketing experts, and 3D artists rely on to fit seamlessly into their workflows. Luxian's focus on providing 'more' is based in features implemented to speed up and simplify workflows, deliver the best content and lighting capabilities and ease setup and amazing to users Allow yourself to focus on creating the scene.
UI customization
In KeyShot 7, users can customize tab order, tab visibility, tab position with window, toolbar and ribbon position, then save custom UI arrangements as a workspace. Additionally, users now have full control over hotkeys, the ability to change or add new hotkeys, or specify camera control options that match the supported assistive modeling software.
Types of new content
KeyShot 7 introduces many new content types and updates. The new cloud plastic material type features light-scattering particles to replicate complex, scientifically accurate materials such as polycarbonate or ABS. The new measured content type allows users to load measured content files in .axf or .xml format. The metal material type now includes options for color and 13 scientifically accurate metal presets, while other material types have been updated with more control over unit-aware settings and material settings. With new content types, the KeyShot library presets for content have been fully updated.
New texture and labeling mapping
Texture mapping has been completely refreshed for Keyhot 7. Updates include unit-aware settings, an improved interactive mapping tool, and the ability to center textures on a model or part. The new planar mapping types are more versatile, replacing normal projection and planar mapping, while providing the ability to control the depth of Planck projection. Tri-planar, tiled UV and video maps have been added, with significantly improved cylindrical mapping and new procedural brushes, mesh, and weaving fabrics available.
Environmental update
More visible lighting capabilities come with a new environment list that expands the number of HDRI environments that can be added to a single view. With this, users can quickly toggle between different environments or drag and drop new environments into the list. The HDRI editor is now integrated into the Environment tab and users can export a view as HDR or EXR to import and use in other views.
Real time VR Rendering
Real-time VR rendering and output is available with support for stereo perspective cameras, stereo spherical maps, and stereo cube maps. It includes real-time support via both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head mounted displays.
KeyShot Configurator
KeyShot Configurator, started with KeyShot Configurator in the new Xalta Customer Experience Center with Xalta in KeyShot RenderWorld, is a tool available to KeyShot Pro that allows users to design reviews and / or interactive points in real-time models and materials Allows to present variations. -Off-sale displays. The KeyShot Configurator Wizard guides the user through the quick setup of parent models, components, and component groups and allows them to select content differences, select studios, and define layout options for interactive presentation modes.



Monday, August 19, 2019

Maxon Cinema 4D R20.026 for Mac

Maxon CINEMA 4D Studio R20.026 | Mac os x | 375 MB.
Cinema 4D Release 19 provides excellent tools and enhancements that you can use immediately and see the foundation for the future. Cinema 4D designers opt for a stream of quick and easy work and solid consistency, and Release 19 makes your workflow even faster, expanding its horizons with new features and reliability that you can count on Huh.
Great graphics, while working
Field and screen space provide result quality in real-time with depth of reflection, and it is easy to display illumination and display settings correctly.
Voronoi fracture
Breaking up is easy to do
The Fracture Voronoi Division facilitates the process of objects: in version 19 can control dynamic connectors, laminate, add cracks and more detail.
Spherical chamber
Reality reality [virtual]
Access the most prominent trend today: YouTube, Facebook, Oculus or 360 Stereo Rendering VR Video for Life.
Radarran render
Platform representation based on GPU Physics
Whether you are on Windows or Mac, you can experience the future of GPU rendering in Cinema 4D: physics-based, deeply integrated and highly interactive.
even more…


Name: Size: 2.2 GB Files [2.2 GB] ...